Air Wall Gallery


SD レビュー2011 奨励賞

オーナー夫婦が30年に渡って撮影した写真や映像を知人に公開する私営のギャラリーを、那須の木深い斜面地に計画している。必要とされる1 つ1 つの小さな部屋を樹木が生い茂る敷地に無理なく溶け込ませようと検討した結果、すべての部屋が独立しながらも輪をつくるように接しあう平面計画で進めることになった。


保温材の厚みによって空気の壁に透明から半透明へのグラデーションができる。それらが重なり合って、建築内に靄がかったような風景がたちあがる。ふと動いた とき、部屋間を移動するときに靄が晴れ、新しい風景が次々とあらわれるような森の中の小路のような建築を目指している。

SD Review 2011  Incentive award

This private gallery is designed to show the collection of films and photography produced by the couple who own this property, which they have produced over the last 30 years. The site is on a steep wooded slope in Nasu.In order to integrate the building with the contrasting spaces in the surrounding dense woodland, I decided to separate them into small, independent rooms and to create a circle by connecting them together.

The idea was to avoid enclosing these small rooms with the usual exterior walls of a standard structure. Also, in order to maintain a level of warm air in the rooms even in the wintertime, I make a layer of air between two sheets of glass and filled the gap with translucent material to avoid the convection flow of warm air and cool air.

Using the changing thickness of this wall, I hoped to create a transference from transparence to translucence. Through the layering of the walls, the object is to be able to see the foggy wood landscape surrounding this gallery. Moving and walking from room to room, the fog will become dense and then suddenly clear. I want this gallery to be like a small alley in the woods.


Suzuko Yamada Architects, Inc. Tokyo, JAPAN