Horizon for The Small World


photo Takumi Ota

開催期間:2015.11.04 – 2016.2.27
施主:AGC 旭硝子
主催:「新しい建築の楽しさ2015」展委員会(代表AGC studio)
企画:中﨑隆司(建築ジャーナリスト/ 生活環境プロデューサー)
展示台:真鍮什器 21台




This project is for the exhibition “Joy of the new architecture” which is an annual exhibition held at AGC Studio, Tokyo. The exhibition is divided into two sessions, each time displaying  architecture models from six architecture firms all with completely unique background, concept and scale. We designed a simple and transparent like structure as the stand to place the models. The brass pipe structure is 1300mm in height so that the guests can naturally be drawn into the small world of each models without bending down.

The stand is simply assembled using 6mm thin brass pipes and fittings for plumbing system easily adjusted to any size. The brass pipes and fittings look industrial yet also organic like natural plants with soft brass creating a natural branch like twist when screwed together. We carefully designed the size, positioning of the stands, and placement of the horizontal braces so that all 21 pipe stands would become one landscape together. The use of brass is intended to create a dual presence where the color and reflection of the brass stand out from afar like the horizon but once inside, they become transparent reflecting the scenes around the exhibition space.

Suzuko Yamada Architects, Inc. Tokyo, JAPAN