Weekend House in Woods





It was a plan for a weekend house for a couple, their children and relatives to gather on a flat, south-facing lot built on a mountain slope. In front of the site, tall trees grow thickly, and the sun shines through the trunks and branches.

If the requested individual bedrooms, reception rooms, and bathrooms were separated by ordinary walls, it would have closed off the wonderful environment, but since it would have been too open with only pillars and fittings, I thought of a way to partition the rooms that was neither pillar nor wall. As a result, I proposed to create a space with a structure that is neither a single pillar nor a flat wall, but a combination of both, by assembling wooden pillars. By bundling the wooden pillars together, the structure is made stronger, and more pillars are placed where they are structurally necessary and where the space is inflected.

In addition, at the client's request, a large terrace was extended toward the slope. The density of the wooded area returns to the vacant lot in the midst of the trees, and I aimed to create a residential space that is open and yet protected, while gently connecting with the surrounding environment.

Suzuko Yamada Architects, Inc. Tokyo, JAPAN