敷地:東京都渋谷区 センター街



録音: iPhone13 mini
抽出: Adobe Premiere Pro
文字量: 4156文字(日本語)

Site: Shibuya center street, shibuya, Tokyo

Project team: Suzuko Yamada, Kokoro Suzuki

Period: 2022/12/18- 2023/2/7
Recording: iPhone 13 mini
Text generator: Adobe Premiere Pro
AR application: STYLY
Text amount: 4156 letters (in Japanese) 

夜が始まるセンター街を歩いた。賑やかなネオンの群れを潜り、奥へ奥へ吸い込まれるように進む。すれ違う⼈々が放り出す⾔葉は唐突で、細切れで、ときどき⽿に残る。ただ流され 歩いているだけで、⽿も⽬も、⽂字という⽂字に満たされていく。
く。それは⽬に⾒えない⾔葉の⾵景だ。渋⾕の街をつくる起伏がひとつでないことに気づく 。

I walked down Center Street in the twilight. Walking through the bustling neon crowd, the street invited me to go into the heart of the city. The words spoken by those I pass were abrupt, fragmented, and sometimes remained in my ears. Just walking along, my eyes and ears were filled with these texts.
I recorded the conversations of passersby, converted voices to text datas, and generated the objectified texts which float on the street in augmented reality. String of texts flew in the air in pieces, colliding with each other and filling the streets. It is the invisible landscape of the
words. I noticed that the undulations that shape the landscape of Shibuya were multiple

Suzuko Yamada Architects, Inc. Tokyo, JAPAN