photos by Rumi Ando



Site: Kanagawa Pref.
Program: house
Structure: wooden structure
Site area: 216.11㎡
Building area: 95.18㎡
Total floor area: 105.11㎡

Project team: Suzuko Yamada, Kokoro Suzuki
Year: 2022







A house as a collection of individuals

On a hill located at a little distance from the center of town is a verdant public park with an expansive view of the town at the foot of a cliff. At the end of the park is a property that looks like a triangular section with an old house that was to be demolished and a garden brightened by colorful berries and flowers. A new house is planned in this place for a designer couple and their two small children. They live in an apartment with a typical three-bedroom layout, but the walls, doors, and windows seem to have little influence on how the family places their furniture and belongings for their convenience. Each family member makes the most of the space in the three-bedroom apartment, and their nomadic lifestyle seems to exceed the floor plan.

Since the couple thinks it would be more convenient to have all the rooms connected while their children are still small, I decided to place the volume of a comfortably wide, single-story house in the center of the site. On the scenic rooftop is a small room where all four family members can gather and a space surrounded by a 20cm rise for building two additional private rooms for the children in the future. This luxurious rooftop will have some playground equipment and a set of table and chairs like a personal playground that feels like an extension of the neighboring park.

Pillars and the staircase spread throughout the lower floors and, together with the furniture and housewares that the family brings in, creates a terrain-like unevenness in the great room. The house has a string of spaces with no specific names, such as the area under the stairs next to the kitchen or the space around the pillar near the bathroom, and I picture the family freely making full use of those spaces.


Suzuko Yamada Architects, Inc. Tokyo, JAPAN