photos by Yukasa Narisada




Site: Tokyo Pref.
Kind: House
Structure: wooden structure
Story: 2
Total floor Area: 92.97㎡
Building Area: 56.72㎡

Project team: Suzuko Yamada, Yuta Nakamura
Structure Engineer: TECTONICA
Construction: Ikeda Construction Firm

Year: 2023



A home is a confluence of numerous small worlds. Nestled within its confines are distinct realms, each charactrized by their triviality, peculiarity, and inexplicability, all combined into a charming and whimsical symphony. Typically, these separate worlds are ensconced within the boundaries of walls, creating a sense of mystery about what transpires in the adjoining rooms. Under one roof, these disparate worlds rarely intersect: they instead lie in quiet repose within their enclosures. The experience is singular at any given moment, rendering the fragmentation almost imperceptible.

 In this house, these fragmented microcosms coexist harmoniously. However, they don’t amalgamate into one experience, uninterrupted space -instead, they exist adjacently, each room carefully curated according to its purpose and aethetic appeal. The kitchen, with shelves lined with lovingly used dishes, is a stage for the father pouring his coffee. Nearby, a child hums a tune while peering into a mirror in a bathroom aglow with white tiles. A narrow study, stretching with a bookshelf and a worktable, sees the mother engrossed in work ahead of a looming deadline. On a terrace, generously open to the northern cityscape, another child is engrossed in play with a friend. These scenes exist in parallel, maintaining their incomplete outlines without the walls that separate them. Much like a theatrical set constructed with moveable partitions, these spaces, partially open to each other, interact and create a unified home punctuated by delicate deviations. The fragmented worlds are all concurrently in flux. Amid this palpable reality, one can effortlessly transition between these diverse worlds. I find tremendous potential in such an interconnected yet distinct living arrangement. 


Suzuko Yamada Architects, Inc. Tokyo, JAPAN